Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl Instructions


  1. Cut the HTV pattern side up.
  2. Next, peel back the vinyl using a fingernail to get it started.  Fully weed around the design
  3. Fully weed around the design.
  4. Next you are ready to apply the HTV tape we included on top of your vinyl.                                 
  5. Use a squeegee or a credit card to get the clear plastic to adhere well to the vinyl.
  6. Quickly tear the vinyl away from the backing.
  7.  Now you have your design ready to be pressed.
  8. Place your design on your garment.
  9. Heat press at 320 degrees for 18 seconds with medium to heavy pressure. Peel hot within 5 seconds.
  10. If you are using an iron: Turn iron onto low to medium low heat. Start with 10 seconds with even downward pressure and add an additional 5 seconds as needed. Try to avoid moving the iron. When the pattern of the fabric threads and the edges are attached, the vinyl is properly adhered.

Beautiful Vinyl!